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Sorry for the long post, but I just couldn’t decide which photos to post from this wedding. So many to choose from!


Recently, I asked a friend of mine if I could take pictures of her in her wedding dress so that I could practice my bridal photography. Not one to say no to free pictures, or to getting all prettied up in her wedding dress, she readily agreed.

We headed out to the east end of town (past the Dallas neighborhood, I think), to find this tiny chapel I had spotted ages ago, but had never seen up close. No one was around, so we took a few shots around the outside.

This is a wedding I was really looking forward to! My first digital wedding photography experience – and I doubt I will ever go back to film! Shooting film is wonderful in it’s way, but for weddings – digital is my choice from now on. I shot the day using a friend’s Nikon D300, which is a glorious camera.

Riley and Kayla are both wonderful people, and it’s great to see them so happy together. It was an honor to help capture their special day!

Mike & Jody were such a great couple to work with! It rained on their wedding day, forcing their outdoor ceremony to be pushed inside. But, that didn’t stop them from risking the wet afterwards! They were such good sports about it all – truly caught up in the happiness of their day.

Photography my sister’s wedding was an adventure, to say the least! Lots of interesting family dynamics. From a selfish perspective, I was glad to have a camera to hide behind for parts of it. But,  in the midst of the hustle and chaos, were two people totally in love with each other and so happy to be starting their life together.

Chelsey is one of the most giving people I have known, and I am so happy that she has someone like Frank to take care of her.  Her wedding was beautiful, and she was stunning!