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This young woman is a stunning co-worker of mine. Obviously, she is beautiful – but what I love most about Cheri is her personality: gentle, kind.

She’s also rather shy and it was fantastic being able to pull her out of her comfort zone and show off her beauty to the world!


Last Monday, Siobhann braved the rain for a portrait session in her sparkling grad dress.  It was well worth getting cold and wet! We had some laughs, and she will have some great shots of her dress as a memory of her graduation.

Janell is the Facilities Manager for Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops, and an actor for Project X and the Saucy Fops. She’s terrific onstage and in front of my camera – a long-time favorite model of mine. We hit downtown to update her actor headshots.

The carnival was in town, and instead of going on rides, Brianna and I decided to go shoot some photos of the lights.  After thinking about it for a while, I realized I would rather take photos of people at the carnival. So, phoned up Janell (who is nearly always game for a photoshoot) and she met us up there with some of her wardrobe in tow.

The night was cold. Far, far colder than I anticipated! Windy, nasty, cold. And of course, the outfit I chose out of Janell’s offerings was the coldest for her. Brianna, Kendra, and I swiped the rest of her layers and added them to ours to keep warm.  Janell never lost her poise, however, and looks super retro-funky-glamorous!

Went out with one of my best friends and “twin sister,” Audrey, for her annual Happy New Year photo.  Super cold out. Little Tye was over tired. But we had some fun in the snow and got just the shot Audrey was hoping for!