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Taken on a random walk downtown Kamloops. I love vines on walls!


Bri and I went driving to shoot random things and one of our stops was this bridge she likes out in Pritchard. On one side I got a reflection that I like and on the other was a creepy little sunken boat.

Across the street from my house (or really, across from the entrance to my street), there is a junkyard that I have been wanting to investigate for quite some time.

Today, Brianna and I took a walk and ended up here. They were closing, but we managed to snap a couple shots through the fence and around the outside of the property.

Went adventuring downtown with Bri and our Nikons. Made it one block in an alley before giving up and running to Cowboy Coffee for some splendid java and defrosting time. Managed to get a few fun shots whilst shivering.