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Baby #2 is on the way for Tara and Caleb.  This is Tara at 7 months.


A curious mix of both of his parents, little Joel spent half of the photoshoot posing for the camera, and the other half running away from it! By the time he was worn out and ready for home, we had caught some great moments.

Not exactly a baby any more, my littlest sister is now married and has a baby of her own! Alisha was my main model when I was an eager teenager trying to figure out how to take decent photos with a cheap point-and-shoot.  Now that I am doing this professionally, it was fun to go for a walk in grandma’s neighborhood and snap these for old time’s sake.

I love this photo of my crafting business partner, Troi, and her daughter Neleta. Little Leta did not want her picture taken, but we managed to grab this slice of a moment between mother and daughter.