Last year I wanted a Moleskine weekly planner. Instead, I was given an awesome Quo Vadis Business planner to use and review. At the beginning of 2009, I was sort of irritated by the narrow, vertical columns layout of the Quo Vadis and wished I had something more like the horizontal rows of the Moleskine. By mid-year, I had changed my mind and loved the way the vertical layout worked for me.

When Christmas holidays arrived, I needed a new planner – fast. And of course, I hadn’t made any attempt previously to try to find another Quo Vadis like mine. In my quick shopping trip up the hill, there was no Quo Vadis to be seen, so I ended up snatching up the planner I had originally wanted last year.

A few days into the year, and I am missing my little orange planner with it’s lovely paper and vertical columns with the hours marked out for me. This Moleskine Pocket Weekly has not won me over yet. Guess we’ll see how the year progresses.