I love English Muffins. LOVE. So, when I ran across someone online that mentioned making them, I couldn’t resist trying.

They are fantastically easy, especially with a stand mixer. Mix, let rise for two hours, form into little muffins, let rest, fry up in a skillet (yes, a skillet!). They are great made a day or two before you need them, so you don’t have to get up at 5am to have them ready for breakfast.

I used the recipe I came across on YouTube, and will eventually try others to see how these can be improved upon or played with. One big thing I learned in this process is that you are supposed to split the muffin with a fork, not a knife. This helps create the lovely jagged edges and nooks and crannies for catching all that butter. You can make these free-form or in a mold. Some people use old, washed tuna tins. I used a pair of really big cookie cutters.