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Been a while since I’ve had someone else cut/style/color my hair for me (I usually cut my own), so of course everyone was curious how it would turn out. Took this snaps in the bathroom mirror and forgot to flip them, so they are actually reverse images of me.


I’d been trying to think of a way to convince Kendra to let me take her out for a photoshoot, and finally came up with it. When we were at the carnival the other day, discussing plans for Janell’s upcoming headshots shoot, I suggested making use of the time and getting the sisters together for a sister shoot while we were at it. Mother’s and Father’s Day are both coming up, after all! As Janell and Kenj had not had their photos taken together in nearly a decade, it was an easy sell – their parents will be delighted!

And speaking of delighted, I had a blast taking and processing these. We shot at two locations I have been eyeing for a while now, the weather was just how I like it, and there were no people around to get in the way.

Janell is the Facilities Manager for Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops, and an actor for Project X and the Saucy Fops. She’s terrific onstage and in front of my camera – a long-time favorite model of mine. We hit downtown to update her actor headshots.

The carnival was in town, and instead of going on rides, Brianna and I decided to go shoot some photos of the lights.  After thinking about it for a while, I realized I would rather take photos of people at the carnival. So, phoned up Janell (who is nearly always game for a photoshoot) and she met us up there with some of her wardrobe in tow.

The night was cold. Far, far colder than I anticipated! Windy, nasty, cold. And of course, the outfit I chose out of Janell’s offerings was the coldest for her. Brianna, Kendra, and I swiped the rest of her layers and added them to ours to keep warm.  Janell never lost her poise, however, and looks super retro-funky-glamorous!

Taken on a random walk downtown Kamloops. I love vines on walls!