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Goat cheese and herb stuffed tomatoes

I used to hate goat cheese. Marlene, of At Your Service Catering, was the first person in my life to change my mind on the topic – with a lovely spinach, almond and balsamic-marinated-strawberries salad that had lovely soft goat cheese on the top.
Well, fast forwarding a little while brings us to these babies. Mar personally hand hollowed and piped these lovely little grape tomatoes with creamy goat cheese and fresh herbs from the garden. Bliss!


Recently, I asked a friend of mine if I could take pictures of her in her wedding dress so that I could practice my bridal photography. Not one to say no to free pictures, or to getting all prettied up in her wedding dress, she readily agreed.

We headed out to the east end of town (past the Dallas neighborhood, I think), to find this tiny chapel I had spotted ages ago, but had never seen up close. No one was around, so we took a few shots around the outside.